• This is where we with their e-Learning Platform is coming in to assist, not only the children, but also the Department of Education and our country as a whole.
  • We saw that there is big need to assist our students not only to get better grades, but also to assist them:
    • in making the right choice in terms of their career,
    • to assist them with a scholarship after school and
    • an internship after University or Technikon.

Why choose The Bloom Academy

  • Learning material to the student. We are focussing on a much broader scope then just presenting
  • We make use of gamification in our courses. What does this mean?
    • It means that we are presenting our instructional content using game-like elements to increase
      student engagement in the learning process.
  • We also make use of game-based learning. What does that mean?
    • It means we make use of games as part of our instruction.

Our offer

Today I’m introducing to you 6 revolutionary platforms


Chat platform

  • The 1st one is an Educational Chat Service platform.
    • We consider group chat and its technology as a serious tool for education and learning purposes.
    • Information sharing has become very crucial
      for education. Our group chat was designed primarily for educational purpose
    • Therefore, it is reasonable that educational group chat will be a means for delivering teaching materials
      and knowledge sharing.

Q & A Platform

  • The 2nd is a breakthrough Q & A Forum platform.
    • For us, the introduction of a Q & A section on our platform fitted well with our theoretical framework for teaching, one in which socio-cultural factors are seem as important in learning.
    • We believe in the importance of learners and in opportunities to create rich questions or to encourage
      students to pose their own questions for investigation.
    • We also value opportunities for debate amongst the students in which the teachers are not constructed
      as the sole “experts” transmitting facts.
    • The Q & A platform appeared to serve this context well.

Learning portal platform

  • The 3rd is a Revolutionary Learning Portal which is going to change the entire educational field.
    • Students get access to video lessons and these video lessons they can watch in their own leisure.
      Watching it over and over again just as they prefer to understand the work better.
    • Students can study with the latest study tools like flashcards, simulations, educational games, mind
      maps etc.
    • Students have now access to a tutor remotely. In other words they can sit in their comfort of their homes
      as well as the tutor and tutoring can take place with our latest webinar technology that is available on the learning portal.
    • Teachers can now give homework on our learning portal and also mark the work via our platform.
    • Students can now have access to power point presentations of lessons to go through in their own time.

Student Knowledge Sharing

  • 4th is a profound Student Knowledge Sharing platform.
    • This platform is not for personal use but exclusively used for educational purposes.
    • We believe that social networking can increase student collaboration. Students become friends with their classmates on social media and are more likely to collaborate on projects.
    • We want to use social networking as a way to get students to participate. Many students are naturally shy in person, and many may not speak in classroom, but that may not be the case on social media. Today’s students grew up on social media and for many it is the natural way to interact.
    • A school can maybe ask questions on our social networking platform and students can answer those questions.
    • This not only allow the school to find the student answers but also other students to see what others are answering and create a dialog.

Social Networking

  • In today’s world where social media is used consistently, Learn from Your Friends would provide a collection of stories with the purpose that the reader would learn what to do or what not to do when put in the same situation.
Each user contributes to the site and submits their stories whether it is related to sports, health, business, education, relationships and so on with the purpose of hopefully preventing a user (Friends) from the same fate that they were tangled in.

Subsequently, each user (Friends) can offer advice to the original poster. Each advice can be rated according to their helpfulness with the highest weekly rated advice being featured on the website’s home page.

News Platform

  • 5th is a “first-of- its- kind” News platform.
    • Newspaper reading is a good habit. People who frequently read newspapers are more likely to be
      reading other things in their life than non-readers. Reading is good for you.
    • It helps you move outside the narrow zone of your personal affairs.
    • It helps you to adjust yourself according to the changing times and move with changing times easily.
    • It keeps you updated and can provide a great sense of educational value. Not only it gives you info about economy, polity, trade, business, world affairs, international issues, sports, entertainment, but it also enhances your vocabulary and language skills.

School Management System Platform

  • 6th is a futuristic School Management System.
    • With every school that we are getting involve with, we are giving away free SMS (ERP System) to manage
      their day to day operations.
    • A SMS serves as the backbone for any school.
    • To streamline the functions of the school it is important to have a school management system.
    • This basically makes work easier for everybody concerned in the management of a school.
    • The SMS is one of the most important tools in managing the complexities of school operations.
      Therefore all processes and operations related to students, teachers, employees, management and
      courses can be managed effectively.