Who is KPSSE?

It’s a Grace Filled Community of Men and Women both Young and Older Persons of all Race – Colour and Nationalities who believes and Subscribe to God’s Kingdom Principles for Sustainable Socio-economic System Globally. KPSSE is a Chat platform where every Active Subscribers Chat freely with each other whilst Embracing God’s Grace and Advocating God’s Kingdom Principles of Grace - As we Share Our God Given Resources with every Active Subscriber KPSSE Community Member.

Our Vision

Building Grace Filled Global Community to Conduit God’s Resources through Sharing with all Active Subscriber KPSSE Community Members Globally.

Our Mission

Envision - Innovate – Create - Develop – Finance – Insure – Build and Maintain Kingdom Principled Business Platforms owned and belonging to all Active Subscriber KPSSE Community Members.

Our Principles

Advocate God’s Kingdom Principles for Sustainable Socio-economic System of:

Love - For He first loved us unconditionally – thus KPSSE Members are a Loving Community
Grace - Given & Received Freely - Shared with all those who are willing to Freely Receive
Sharing - Our God Given Resources with Active Subscriber KPSSE Community Members
Caring - He cares for His Creatures so we care for His Created human being of all Nations
Unity - Unifying God’s People of All Nations Globally in His Grace indwelling within us.

Free Invitation for you – your Family – Friends – Colleagues – Community

Simply Download Kpec7512 Chat App from Google Play Store on any Compatible Android Smartphone –Create your Personal profile – Invite
all your Contacts into Kpec7512 Chat Community – Chat and Shop online through KPSSE OVS – Enjoy lots of Financial Benefits

With a Once Off Activation Fee –You get a Free Smartphone/ Tables (See KPSSE Benefits Flyers) plus…
Buy whatever you See on KPSSE Online Virtual Shop at Discounted Prices with Lots of Financial Rewards including...

Free Unlimited Discount Coupons at participating Retail Stores
Free Up to Kpeec2.00 (=R150) Cash Rewards pm)
Free Data Rewards (Up to 1GB pm)


Building Reciprocal Business Partnerships that Work for All




1. SADC MEDIA (SADC Media Investment Specialise on Digital Ads Broadcasting Media mainly inside Minibus taxis and major Taxi rans and Shopping Malls)
2. KPEC7512 (Kpec7512 is a Kingdom Principled Sustainable Enterprise currency for KPSSE and ACSECE Community)
3. WGFS (Wudzunzo Global Financial Services Specialises on Financial Products’ Blending and customisation thereof)
4. 12KEY LTPI (12 Key Leadership Traits Publishing Institute specialises on Leadership Coaching, Writing and Publishing)
5. KPSSE (Kingdom Principled Sustainable Socioeconomic Enterprise)
6. ACSECE (Africa Centric Sustainable Economic Community Enterprise)
7. TPJS (Theo Principled Justice System)
8. TEFS INSURE (Tefs Insure specialise on minibus taxis financing with comprehensive financial benefits including short term insurance)
9. Mzansi Tracker (Vehicle Monitoring system, tracking and recovery, speed and fuel management Solution) backed by 24/7 Control Room with Owner’s App.
10. THE BLOOM ACADEMY (The Bloom Academy specialise on E-Llearning plotform giving learners access to learning and teaching 24/7)